FAQ Shower Trailers


Shower Trailer Rentals 101

Q:   What size Shower Trailers are there? Excellent question and the answer often surprises folks. Rental Shower Trailers / Portable Shower Trailers are available in a variety of sizes. For construction companies, a single head shower trailer may do the job unless they are remodeling a gym which might require a 8 head mobile shower trailer rental. Where music festival producers need larger shower rentals. The bottom line: Rental shower trailers range from a single shower rental to the large rental shower trailers that provide up to 30 Shower Heads in one trailer.


Q:   Is there such a thing as a VIP Shower Trailer? There are many different styles of Shower rentals. Festival Shower Trailers many times are exactly what the name implies, a large quantity of showers. Some festival shower trailer rentals provide one general dressing/undressing area while others are designed to provide a private dressing room with each shower. Still other mobile shower rentals feature an entirely private room complete with a locking exterior door. VIP Showers feature beautiful décor with vanities, sinks, mirrors, nice lighting, A/C and Heating as well as upgraded flooring and plush exteriors that are logo free.


Q:   Do I have to have water at my location for my Shower Trailer Rental? Although not mandatory, it certainly keeps the cost down. As long as there is decent PSI from a standard hose spigot guests will enjoy nice hot showers without interruption. For those needing water in remote locations (locations without access to water), we provide Potable Water Bladders that we have filled by a reputable potable water certified water hauler.

Q:   How is the grey water disposal handled? If sewer is onsite and available, we direct connect to sewer. If sewer is not available, we set up grey water bladders also commonly referred to as pillows. Grey water is then disposed of as needed.

Q:   Is there such a thing as ADA Compliant Shower Trailers? Yes! And Conclusive’s ADA Shower Trailer rentals feature current ADA Compliancy registration.

Q:   Do Shower Trailers have sinks and power outlets? Yes & Yes. While some Shower Trailers have a sink with every shower stall, others will feature an average One sink per Two shower stalls. The majority of CS’s Shower Trailer rentals feature GFI outlets.

Q:   How many people can use Shower Trailer per hour? While male users tend to shower in less than 5 minutes, women take an average of 10 minutes. With that in mind, we suggest calculating ONE person per Shower stall per every 10 minutes. *Example: A 13 Stall Shower Trailer rental calculates at 13 shower heads at One person very 10 minutes which allows for 6 People Per Hour Per Stall. 13 x 6 = 78 Persons Per Hour.

Q:   What is the cost to rent a Shower Trailer? The cost renting mobile showers is determined by the number of shower heads, duration of rental, availability of water, power and disposal of waste. Call 858.602.6639 to get pricing for your Shower rental needs.

Q:   Do the Shower Trailers come with Soap & Towels? Shower rentals generally arrived stocked with full soap dispensers in each shower stall. Towels are available at an additional charge if needed.

Q:   Do Shower Trailers have generators on them or do I need power? The majority of portable Shower Trailer rentals do not have an onboard power source. Power needs range from standard 110 plugs to 50 AMP connections. Generators are provided to those without access to power.

Q:   Do Shower Trailers have restrooms in them in too? Combination Shower – Restroom rentals do.